What's Going On?

We're Re-Branding!

Banger.Digital looks a lot different now! First of all we're going to be changing the name. Banger.Digital will now be known as Bash. www.banger.digital will still redirect to Bash, but Bash will also be found on a new url: www.bash.online

We will by default remove adult themes from the branding, website, and game. They can be turned by an option when you start a party.

Our intention is to create an experience that anyone can partake in and that no one feels alienated from. Our previous branding was fun, but it did not reflect those values.

New Features Are Coming

We just released a free tier! You can now host your own event without paying for a subscription!

We're releasing a new map: the MET - a classier Gala setting - in the next couple of weeks.

Bash will be adding more game-like features and easter eggs to worlds

We will be adding more features like moderation, kicking, banning, and muting

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my old account?
Why pay for the new service?
I hate the new look.