Make Remote Work Fun

Remote employees can feel lonely and disengaged. Bash fixes that with an always-on virtual space for remote teams to connect and have fun.

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Laugh with others

Enjoy hanging out in your team’s custom virtual space. With spatial video chat, simply walk up to someone and you’ll instantly be face-to-face!

Laugh with others

Mess around or get competitive

Video chat and games all in one place. Play integrated games like trivia or tag to engage your teammates. Many games to play and more to come!

Mess around or get competitive

Enjoy the music

Jam out with your teammates during breaks or happy hours! Set the mood with one of eight radio stations played throughout the Bash.

Enjoy the music

And much more...

People Bash Longer

Increase engagement and improve the culture of your virtual team. Create an online space that people actually want to go to.

Longer Engagement

The average user stays on a Bash much longer than a comparable event on Zoom.

Increased Attendance

Users are more likely to accept an invitation to a Bash than a comparable event on Zoom.

A Morale Booster

Users rate Bash as far more enjoyable and natural than a comparable event on Zoom.

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